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In sizes ranging from panels to entire rooms, our murals are created in either oil or water-based paints and reflect each client's personal tastes and environment. Our mural painting styles range from photorealism to copies of European and Chinese masters. Murals can be painted on site, or on canvas and installed like wallpaper.
An old-world technique that uses perspective and painted shadows to create 'fool-the-eye' illusions of three dimensions on a flat surface.
Faux Finishes:  
Blended or imbedded color glazes, striae, Tuscan finishes, fresco, crackles, faux marble or wood graining are all options for paint treatments on walls and furniture. The hallmarks of our finishes are subtle blends of color that show no evidence of “hand” and create an environment or backdrop for the client’s paintings, furnishings, and interior accents.
Mediterranean and Venetian Plasters:  
Rough and polished plaster finishes for walls that replicate the old-world look of either textured or polished stone. Subtle gradations of color and trowel marks from the application process produce unique wall finishes.
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