About K & P Interiors
Background of K&P Interiors
In 1999 we founded K&P Interiors with the goal of creating a world-class workingstudio for the two and three-dimensional decorative arts. We have assembled an international team of artists that work solely for our company and the collaborative artistic process sets our work apart from many smaller firms. Our 1800 sq. ft. showroom in the Hart Resource Center is open to the public six days a week, and is a one-of-a kind place to see our finishes and architectural ornamentation. Virtually every surface in the studio is painted, and columns, niches, mouldings and other architectural ornament is finished and displayed. This creative setting allows clients to see the effects in a way that is not possible from sample boards or a photographic portfolio, and gives our clients the confidence that we can execute our samples on larger surfaces. We also have a 3500 sq. ft. working studio where we paint murals on canvas up to 20 x 20 feet, do all our product research, and perform those painting and finishing tasks that can be done off the job site. And, yes, we accept commissions outside the greater Houston area.
Why Hire Professionals?
Every do-it-yourself show seems to demonstrate how easy it is to "faux finish." Just sponge on different colors of latex paint, or blend your colors with a rag or plastic and "presto" you have a work of art. Trowel on some joint compound and you have instant old-world texture! The subtle layered effects K&P achieves with professional glazes, texture products, Venetian and Mediterranean plasters take faux finishing to a entirely different level. Our finishes have an organic feel with no evidence of how they were produced, no lap lines where paint dried too quickly, and no dark lines in the corners. Our professional team can carry out these effects over large wall surfaces, and we understand the preparation and finish steps that will produce an effect that will stand up over time. It is our philosophy that faux finishes should provide a subtle background for furnishings, framed art work, fixtures, and floor coverings. The decorative arts provided by K&P provide a personalized environment for the client, but we stress integration of the total interior.

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